Mango Cilantro Marinade


This Mexican style sauce is ideal for fajitas!
Featuring non-gmo mangoes, fresh cilantro and jalapeno peppers, this fresh, sweet and savoury sauce will take your taste buds south of the border!
This sauce can also be used to marinade shrimp, chicken or pork for the grill.
I have even used it with fresh fish and scallops as part of a ceviche dish.
Add a few tablespoons of the sauce to a traditional guacamole recipe to add a new layer of flavour or add to beans in a Mexican bean salad or soup!


Ingredients: Non-GMO pesticide free mangoes, *onions, water, *cilantro, jalapeno peppers, *garlic, *ginger, *lemon juice, vinegar, *cane sugar, *spices, *olive oil, sea salt
*these ingredients are certified organic

Mango Cilantro Marinade Nutrition Label2



All products are made in a shared kitchen that also produces products with gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, mustard seed, egg and fish
Our kitchen is located at 907 Queen st west in Toronto


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