Diablo Chutney


HOT & SPICY! If you like heat and also like flavour this is the condiment for your.



The name of the product says it all; DIABLO
This habanero and scotch bonnet relish is devilishly good!

Add it to soups, stews or chili to add heat and flavour.
Add it to sour cream to make a spicy dip for tortilla chips
Mix 1 tbsp of diablo chutney with 2 tbsp of maple syrup or honey to coat chicken wings

**This product contains mustard seeds**

Ingredients: Habanero and/or scotch bonnet peppers, olive oil, vinegar, green chilli peppers, dried red chilli peppers, garlic, ginger, organic cane sugar, mustard seed, cayenne powder, cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, sea salt
This product contains mustard seed

Diablo Chutney Nutrition Label

All products are made in a shared kitchen that also produces products with gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, mustard seed, egg and fish
Our kitchen is located at 907 Queen st west in Toronto


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