Chana Masala


A very versatile sauce. Cook it with your favourite meat or vegetable or use it as a condiment instead of ketchup.


Chana Masala is traditionally used with chick peas, so you can open a can of chick peas, rinse them off, add a cup of water and the sauce and let it simmer until the peas become a little mushy and serve with rice.

Or you can get a little creative, this is a very versatile sauce!
It can be used with chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, shrimp, eggplant, okra, green peas, paneer, cauliflower … basically anything!
You can make something as simple as a stir fry on rice or an elevated dish such as individual eggplant parmesan.
Add this sauce to flavour soups such as ratatouille or a bean soup or just use it like ketchup on burgers or for fries!

Ingredients: water, *onions, *tomato paste, vinegar, *garlic, *ginger, *spices, *olive oil, sea salt
*these ingredients are certified organic

Channa Masala Nutrition Label

All products are made in a shared kitchen that also produces products with gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, mustard seed, egg and fish


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