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slidersUsing fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, the cooks at Eudora’s Fine Foods make small batches by hand using no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours to bring you the finest ethnic food sauces ready-to-eat.

Our line of Indian Curry Sauces all start with freshly ground spices for authentic, aromatic masala. Each traditional masala blend is different and is slow simmered with a blend of fresh vegetables and herbs to give each curry its own distinct flavour. Juicy red tomatoes, caramelized onions, aromatic cilantro, real Canadian cream, fresh garlic and ginger are just a few of the ingredients that we use to make our sauces. Try some today, and add a little taste of India to your everyday routine.

Eudora’s Fine Foods was established in 2008 after the creators noticed that many people either do not have sufficient time to cook, don’t know how to cook or are too tired to cook after they return from work. As a result a large portion of the population are turning to fast foods or frozen foods, most of which are not healthy.

Indian cuisine has been steadily growing in popularity, but the store bought products often have preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or fillers or simply do not taste as good as fresh, homemade curry.

Eudora decided to make and bottle her own homemade curry in order to solve all the above problems. She wanted a product that was simple to make, fresh, local and delicious! We at Eudora’s set out to share the recipes that were passed down from her mother with the world.

Eudora’s started with 4 different cooking sauces:

  • Khaldin
  • Kofta curry
  • Coconut curry
  • Vindaloo

These dishes are commonly found in the province of Goa and are the 4 main sauces that Eudora had grown up with. In fact they are the ones that she still serves to her children today. The line was soon expanded to include the world famous Butter chicken sauce as well as Eudora’s Green Curry.

Other traditionally Goan dishes soon found their way to the product line, the potato chops and the fish cakes were soon added as prepared foods and became an instant hit! Various chutneys, pickles and preserves also were added. There are many more products in Eudora’s repertoire so look forward to more exciting sauces from India and abroad to be added in the future!

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